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  1. Rist
    I think I will look into hitting on current issues of the world. Some things which come to mind are: Big Brother Surveillance, Greedy Empires deceiving their populous (not just China), Terrorism, Global Warming, Facing Extinction (quite the opposite to newborn), Extinction of other animals because of humans, and many other things.
  2. meduza
    Hey when do you think they'll start this? I hope it's not by July at least...

    Wow could be interpreted in a lot of ways, doesn't it? Like begining of a New Age. or like an AI that become sentient? Ah fuck, I just watched terminator...lame idea:{

    But I'm reading great ideas from you guys, thanks!
  3. meduza
    What are allegories for a "still-born" baby? Could be a cool concept showing life and death.

    Maybe a new born baby hanged himself via his own umbilical cord when he saw a freightening world Hehe...need caffeine for this....
  4. Mebiusu
    @Rist, Thanks for the link. It took us 5,000 years to put wheels on our luggage. Nature abhors a vacuum, life springs from death, and I wonder what life form would be born from our death? Need to make sketches.
  5. Rist
    Awesome ideas. If you have any money avaliable this is a good book for inspiration: The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher

    If I read things of particular worth I will try and note them down here for others to see.

    Not really looked at this topic too much. Other than the usual studies I have no project on so I might as well knuckle down with this.

    Some sick s%£t you think of :p
  6. Rist
    Its LIVE!

    The deadline is 31st of July so lets get the ball rolling people!

    As I see it the judges are looking for innovation as well as a solid technical ability. So try not to rush too quickly to the final image, like some seem to have in the Lounge.
  7. Rist
    Here is my topic on this awesome contest.

    I am finding the brief to be prone to cliché ideas. So I am not going to do anything substantial until my planning is strong.

    My idea is to bring in the idea of Adam and Eve with the Tree and Snake. To bring in the idea that aliens came and evolved us. And also a possibility that Adam and Eve were primates before the aliens came, and human afterwards (hence the tree with snake). How to pull this off and tell the story is the hard part. I wish to avoid nudity because if the slightest chance I would win this, I doubt WACOM would show nudity in their advertising campaigns.

    I hope you all jump onto this quick because there is only 50 something days left.
  8. Mebiusu
    Rist, are you a mind reader? I am working along very similar lines. I have begun my work and I am trying to push it into a state of completion worthy of being looked at and understood. I am becoming more excited by the minute.
  9. Rist
    Well we will have to make sure not to be too similar. I think our styles differ dramatically, so any similarities will be lost in the final execution.
  10. Mebiusu
    Indeed. I just posted a big dump of ideas, mostly research and resource links at our secret club house. Lots of interesting info, I think.
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