Sketchbook LINKS
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Sketchbook LINKS

  1. Rist
    I am struggling to keep everyone's SB link in my signature, so I assume others are having the same issue. So for those who cannot add anyone else then link some text to this discussion.

    Here are the sketchbooks for this SSG#37

    Rist | Meduza | Nam | Matsign | Peter Coene | Hugeharhar| Edward Cherniga| kelly x
  2. kelly x
    kelly x
    Hi and hello! I'm the new one on this SB "Show Must Go on" I will link you all once I figure it out, also thank you for having me on board, some mad skills and great ideas in the combined SB's. Nice!!!
  3. Rist
    *hint - for those who haven't linked to here yet*

    I hope everyone links to at least this thread in their signatures (if there is no room for everyone's sketchbook link).

  4. kelly x
    kelly x
    Hi Rist, I don't know how to do that, I'll try to figure it out later, sorry I've been busy working... Also if you could PM me and give me a hint I'll do it right away.
  5. Rist
    In the address bar click the URL for this page (should highlight) and then right click and copy.

    User CP > Signature.

    Type the message that would represent the link and then highlight it. Click on the little icon in the message windows property bar that looks like a globe with link symbol. Paste the URL you copied from this discussion page.

    By highlighting the text you can also make it a different colour, bold/italic/underlined, different sizes, and align left/centre/right.

    I hope this helps.
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