Animated Features
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Animated Features

  1. Marcky Marq
    Marcky Marq
    This group seems a little dry, lets liven it up a bit!

    What is your favorite animated feature?
    Mine is Nocturna, I love everything about it, from the story to the sound it is a wonderful film
  2. Beeboy13
    Hi im kinda new to this forum but I woulld say toy story
  3. silver.thorne
    I have a HUGE list of favorites.

    Leafie, a hen in the wild
    Sword of a stranger
    Princess Mononoke
    Treasure Planet

    For a few.

    .... is that all this group is for? I was kind of hoping for animation challenges. ^^;
  4. Beeboy13
    What do you mean animation challenges, I assumed this is where you would be able to better your skill and hopefully find work.
  5. Gortluva
    Im a bit late but...
    spirited away,The Incredibles, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Megamind, Hotel Transylvania.
    You have to love exaggerated comedy.
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