What should we do while drawing/painting portrait of someone?...
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What should we do while drawing/painting portrait of someone?...

  1. Mag-Neo
    ---Guys, let's make a share of MY_YOURS_OURS_IDEAS about the QUESTION as above..................
  2. junaibilee
    an advice i got from a frnd is to draw what i c not what i want
  3. My Art Journey
    My Art Journey
    I have found U-Tube to be a great resource for many lectures and demos for the serious artist. The video I am giving a link to is titled “Proportional Guide to the Figure” and is only half the video, covering facial Proportions.

  4. mousias
    you start from the eye and go down to the nose,then the ather eye (the one eye from the ather eye is about one eye distance)you go down to the mouth,the lines under the nose guide you.you always draw from inside and then you go outside.also you use mostly the nose as metro in order to compare the pieses of the face
  5. starmendez
  6. Niquey
    A helpful method I've learned is the use of the "mask" I learned from a DeviantArt friend here http://iamnie.deviantart.com/art/Ske...2-11-216302023 (read the first couple comments). I found it invaluable, and I use to this day.
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