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  1. Rist
    I thought this little topic could be for those who might be too busy to show their work for a certain amount of time; i.e. too busy to study and post.

    I will start:

    Next week I will be busy all week setting up my third year show, so updates might be a little scarce. This and I'm on a break (been working my butt off for 3 years at uni, time for a little break!).
  2. Mebiusu
    Good for you, Rist. Bad for me because I want to see more of your stuff. We are here, when, and if you need us. If you need anything, please let us know.
  3. Peter Coene
    Hey guys, sorry I've been gone so long. Can't show anything now because of NDA. (plus, you don't want to see my doodles of lego minifigs anyways)
  4. Rist
    We understand Peter. I guess if you begin doing studies out of work schedule you could show those. Never stop studying, even if you are doing an art related job.

    As for me, I will be too busy until saturday.
  5. Mebiusu
    Rist, Good luck on your work this week. Cheers
  6. Rist
    I'm back. I might be updating with a portrait or something later, but really tomorrow will be when I update again and contribute to the activities thread.
  7. Mebiusu
    Welcome back, looking forward to your next contribution. Cheers
  8. Matsign
    I will not be around CA until the end of July. I will miss you guys.
  9. HugeHarHar
    I'm starting school Monday, I'll still be here, but no where near as much.
  10. Mebiusu
    I am not awol, I just have my hands full with work and family. I intend be back in the game sometime this weekend. I miss you all.
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