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  1. Rist
    It was brought up through PM whether we should have some activities. What does everyone think?
  2. HugeHarHar
    I think it'd be interesting to start an on going project for the group. Something we can all add to, no real dead lines or anything. I figure everyone has their own schedules, but having something we can all contribute into it would make our group kick ass.
  3. Rist
    Sounds like a cool idea! We need everyones input into what the project will be about.
  4. Mebiusu
    Now we're talkin'! Good to see you guys. I will see if I can come up with some ideas while I go to a birthday party. I will jump in when I get home. Cheers
  5. Mebiusu
    1. Each week pick an artist in group, each member will voice a skill which that artist possesses and would like to see said artist provide a tutorial. Then as a group we will work the tutorial with that artist step by step.
    2. Each week one artist will voice a desire to work on a personal weakness and as a group, we will then each share or skill resources thus all improve on said weakness.
    3. Each artist pick a prospective employer {or other applied outlet} to contact and then share the process and results with the group.
    4. Study Loomis and perhaps bring in guest volunteers to help us if possible.
    5. Same thing with Atelier
    6. Each month, each artist or the whole group will reach out to a promising artist outside of our circle to help.
    7. Each of us pick an area of weakness and join a CA thread dedicated to improving that area and share the findings and results with our crew.
    8. Those of us with CA tutorial downloads can tutor the rest of us with what you learned.
  6. Mebiusu
    Those are just my ideas at this time.
  7. Rist
    I like points 1 to 4.

    My idea is for everyone to create a character of their own (this could be anything) for the first week or so and then there after everyone contributes to create illustrations of all characters interacting with one another in some way. Think about it as roleplaying, but with art. Not every illustrations needs ALL characters, could be just two. I think to make it fair you have to illustrate at least everyone's character once in that given month.
  8. Mebiusu
    I really like that idea as well...
  9. Matsign
    I like the ongoing project idea and then using Rist's idea for that.
  10. HugeHarHar
    I really dig the direction Edward Cherniga went with this idea, because I was thinking more along the lines of what Rist brought up. I was thinking just about developing a theme/universe to work in. The team CHOW thing really brought this idea out, seeing a group of people bouncing ideas off of each other.

    But I had completely glossed over the fact that we could use these possible activities to help each other out. I think finding a middle ground between these ideas would be great.
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