dealing with cheap charlies
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dealing with cheap charlies

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  1. Randis
    We need to start discussing something.

    - 30$ concept art job offers... no thank you.

    - Draw my dog..... no thank you

    - pay 60$ submission fee to get you work published in some shitty catalogue ..... no thank you

    - Test images so you can say no and use them for your pitch for free? no thank you!

    - Your wife thinks the skirt color should be blue? i think ... no thank you
  2. Axel.s

    - draw me for free a tatoo please ! no thank you ?

    - draw my children... no thank you...

    - draw me a warrior giant boobs girl... mmm... why not ?
  3. B-Man

    - Do my art assignment?... wtf!
    - Pay 30$ to submit your art and have a chance to hang it in a gallery... WTF!
  4. JakehC
    Hello kitteh...fuck
  5. B-Man
    Here is something that illustrates just how to act if asked to work for free.
    And its a most entertaining read.
  6. B-Man
    "I really like the gradient - going from red to yellow - but I don’t like orange. Can you make it go through another color?"

    __________________________________________________ ________________________
    MIT Advanced Visual Department
  7. j.s. sabastian
    j.s. sabastian
    yes money is great....but as the great artists! we are getting paid happens...because were digital
    actually i'm going back acrylic painting!!!!!just joking that's to much work!
  8. s.ketch
    -dude you should totally draw this awesome idea i have! Sweet, can I have it?
  9. Brendan N
    Brendan N
    this one from other "artists"

    - hey dude do you have any character designs just lying around for me to model for an assignment? then you can have your characters in 3d too.

    if I wanted to have a character design of mine in 3d, I would have fuckin' done it myself you hack. now fuck off and draw your own>
  10. Seraph Fawkes
    Seraph Fawkes
    Heyo everyone ) Probably it's more national thing, which makes me really sorrow for my country (Russia). Most of our gamedev, and I mean 70-80% of it gone casual and browser for easy money, so most of the time after posting resume, I'm getting offer to do interfaces, hud, maps. 320*120 images and crap. How it's going with the job in other countries? I mean I'm still not the best, but I can provide some good art already and it really makes me sick, when I can't get paid for what I'd like and can do. I know, that in a year or 2 I'm gonna paint smoking hot stuff. Probably then I'll imigrate in other country for a good concept art job )
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