Finding work?
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Finding work?

  1. Nam
    I know a few of you guys have found some work... how did you go about it? Did you find it through this site or another or what? I really need some work bad... (I just love living in Michigan... 15% unemployment now woo... so any freelance work/etc would be a great help)
  2. Mebiusu
    Hello Nam,
    Sorry for the delay in response, I have not been around lately. I have worked in nearly every aspect of illustration and design and I can only share what works for me. I make myself known and available, then from my completed jobs, I receive new clients via "word of mouth". I find the "Artist's Market" to be a great help. Contact editors and directors, give them more than they hope for in a professional, complete the work early if possible and the word will get around. Be flexible, I do plenty of small time work which is not my creative preference, but I stay in work. The key {and hard part} is to continue to promote yourself AND continue to produce the current work at hand. I also refer clients to other artists when I am approached with a job which I feel is not "up my alley" or if my schedule is booked. I promise to keep you in mind and I know you will do well if you persist. If I can help in any way, pm me. Be well
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