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Conversation Between Taven and indiaj

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  1. Hey India, it's great to see you finally got a Conceptart. I highly recommend making a sketchbook thread and posting some of your work, the advice given is great, and I'd love to be able to easily access your stuff. The best way to do that is via image attachments, which has you fill out something as you do it that records it and the copyright as yours. Pretty neat, huh? PM me if you need any help or have any questions, and thanks for leaving a visitor message.

  2. Hi! Guess who is on conceptart now? Actually, I have an alterior motive. Mostly I just wanted to ask you for tips for scanning in art to the computer...I'm trying to scan in something in watercolor and ink and the computer and I are arguing. What resolution should I use? How do I get brilliant colors and still preserve the fine lines? When I finally get a good image, I need to crop it and get it into Scribus, the open source publishing software I am using. The only other program I have for working with graphics is Inkscape, but I have a feeling that neither is very friendly to editing photos and pdfs. My deadline for the project is tommorrow! Help, please?
    I think your men are starting to look VERY manly...good job. Looking at your sketchbook online is about half as fun as looking at it in person, because you're not there. But you sketchbook still looks good. Now I don't have to steal it - I can just print off the digital photos. ~IJ
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