Conversation Between AsaB and The7Artist7
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Conversation Between AsaB and The7Artist7

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  1. *smiles and gives off nuclear blast*
    Hello? Hellooo? Everything ok here?

    Darn :/
  2. : Pops head round door and waves a silly wave: Helllllo! :quickly dons super dark sunglasses to protect from the radiation of a certain person who's been in the sun! B)
  3. Mmm, that sounds like good times indeed It's been quite rainy lately and I've had some cozy artsy time with it, definitely a productive thing! As for music, I can really only listen to instrumental, classic or sort of world/folk music when drawing, it's soothing and the vocals don't interfere as much.
  4. Depends what type of music and depends what type of drawing - best creative time for me is early hours of the morning with window open while it's raining and some of my favorite tunes playing through headphones ... good times
  5. Whoo, hi there! Friends indeed!
  6. Hey Asa! Nice one - friends!
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