Conversation Between AsaB and Sekino
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Conversation Between AsaB and Sekino

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  1. Hiya Sekino! Thanks for the comment in on SB
    Ooh, you should try out drawing other CA members, it's great fun and good practice And yes, I'd be honoured if you'd cartoonify me! There are some photos of me floating around in both that thread and the general 'what do you look like' thread. You should post a photo so I and others can have a go--or have you already?
  2. Hi Celeste, and you're welcome And indeed, 'friending' is a verb, at least according to my Apple dictionary, so you're safe See you around!
  3. Hi Asa! Thank you for the 'friending' (is this a verb??) and looking forward to seeing you around Cheers! -Celeste
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