Conversation Between Kjesta and Ti6erius
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Conversation Between Kjesta and Ti6erius

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  1. Hi Gad,

    great to hear of someone else who wants to go to Viborg! Actually, I'm only trying to get in this year as well, so I haven't been accepted yet and am currently working on my portfolio.

    I've been allowed to look at a small selection of accepted portfolio artwork for the CA course after I wrote to Tina Jensen, the student coordinator. I'm sure that she would help you out as well if you wrote to her! (Have you looked at the folio requirements too? Following those is a great help to me.) I've been asking her quite a few questions about paperwork and application processes and so on and she always answered quickly and in a very friendly manner.

    It'd be fun if we actually see each other at Viborg Are you from Denmark?

  2. Hey Kjesta,

    my names Gad, I was checking out the posts about the Animation Workshop in Viborg as I am looking to apply in the CG Art Course this year. I seen that you were also looking to apply, did you?, and how did you go?
    Look, to keep it short, I'm after some tips on the application process... mainly tips on making my portfolio, and what the interview and test is like.
    Well, any help would be appreciated, and keep up the good work.

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