Conversation Between Izi and j.s. sabastian
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Conversation Between Izi and j.s. sabastian

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  1. yes i still owe a portraite.....working working working........
  2. it's Izi. Refers' back too the "max" cartoon. as in the IZ......oh wow i am getting ahead of my myself i think everyone leRNS LIFE LESSON'S from fantasy THE MAXX!! big purple guy!!..i am stupid
  3. although IZI is very cute. i'm circling the notion now.....sorry i can get too dramatic and dum sometines.
  4. once we give up our avatars....everything's subject too change....just a thought
  5. wtf.......izi? that's like me saying i want my name changed tooF$R$T$TEFTGGGGGGGRRYHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYRYEGER G
  6. Tthhhhhhaaaaaaannnkkk yyyyyooooouuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. thanks for adding me!!!! would you mind sending my an original head shot photo for portraiture?....i'm not sure what your hair looks like now.....but long wavy hair is fun to paint!!!!!
  8. Hi Js, thanks for the friend-link!
  9. your posts on the boards have become startling in the past year. o_o
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