Conversation Between laprincesse123 and HarbingerofIllRepute
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Conversation Between laprincesse123 and HarbingerofIllRepute

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  1. you always amaze me by your words and logic thank u
  2. That is never going to change. Trust me, no one here is satisfied with their work regardless of how advanced they are. It is a fire within us all, it is the ambition to grow and exceed our limitations, the true path of the artist. As Jason Manley once said, "complacency is the womb of mediocrity", and it is by that logic you should hope that your flame never dies out.
  3. I am pretty frustrated with drawing
  4. How bout choo?
  5. Perty good :>
  6. hey dude how is it going ?
  7. Hey don't mention it! -.^ It's always good to have friends around here.
  8. Thank you for accepting my friend request and also thankful for your last post it truly motivated me
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