Conversation Between Hitsu//San and Vyxx
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Conversation Between Hitsu//San and Vyxx

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  1. Since I need 7 more posts before I can PM...

    Thanks for the reply, and the wait was no issue. I'm just glad to be getting any kind of feedback. When I was taking college courses over the last couple years, they only had offered like 4 actual drawing classes: drawing, life drawing, perspective, and a few fundamentals of design-type courses, but none of them really helped me learn how to apply any of it. They were almost less informative than my basic high school art courses.

    In part I suppose a lot of that is because I also didn't go out of my way to apply myself while taking the classes, and I can't lie and say that I remember all of what we went over, so this was a nice reminder, as well as a wake-up call that I've been skipping some of the most important things.

    So thanks again, I suppose it's time to go practice some more haha. You'll probably hear from me again, too. ;P
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