Conversation Between §Hy9oD and takashmen
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Conversation Between §Hy9oD and takashmen

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  1. maybe it does a bit
    but only a bit....
  2. ya , doesnt look like your style ? lol
  3. looooooooooool
    this is a blog of my friend cloudcan....
  4. haha here
  5. heh, i'm really surprised that i'm sb's model, thanks for kind words

    and still curious about what blog you were talking xD

  6. no ? in this case Iam very disappointed you're becomin a model for me... loool that was a mistake Srry BUT still love your works( I know you don't care XD ).
  7. woot?

    i don't have any blog
  8. Just saw your blog ... fantastic , plz keep going with all these imaginative pieces, they are so lovely to look at .
    once again thx for inspiring me .
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