Conversation Between eroquii and I STRaY I
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Conversation Between eroquii and I STRaY I

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  1. Heya bro! I'm truly touched by your concerns. It means a lot to me to know that there are people here who care about me. I want to let you know that I am okay. Anxiety was getting to me, so I ended up freaking out and stopped drawing. I just hope I can get over it and get back to it soon. I see you're still doing your thing and that makes me so happy. Keep working at it as I look forward to seeing how you progress. =)
  2. Hey man, you were lurking on the 9th super early in the morning which worries me the most, let us know you're safe at least!
  3. Oh yeah, you know how it is. I think we all come here for some sort of peer pressure. So might as well use it, on you! lolz. Anyways, life happens. I'm sorry to hear it's happening to you. Maybe of the worst part of it you find some sort of emotion or lesson that you can apply artistically. Just keep your head up!
  4. Hey man! Thanks for checking up on me. It means a lot! Yeah, sorry, I know I haven't updated in a while and it's been eating at me. Been dealing with a bit of change recently in my life and I kinda let my mind get the best of me this week. My drawing time has suffered because of it. Down to like an hour, but I'll push through and get back to posting regularly! How's everything on your end?
  5. Hey bro, whens the next update? You cool?
  6. woo! haha =D
  7. Rad, my very first amigo!, Cheers!
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