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Conversation Between Silent-samurai87 and Dana_T

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  1. Hi Dana I think I'm starting to get a hang on posting a new thread (sorry if I annoy you with all these messages lol) The pics I've uploaded hare very huge so if you wanna take a look you can but it's not a lot to show, but I will post some stuff this week if I can find a good camera and something to resize the pics lol.

    Take care.
  2. Hey Dana wow this website is complicated lol. I thought I did messaged you someplace else in this site but it's still frikin complicated lol.Ok I'm having trouble setting up a thread but I have been doing my biography which is can be a bloody pain even I thought it was a thread but it's not . I've been looking for how to post a thread but theres no easier option, if you can show me how to post threads it will be an honor but otherwise I'll keep looking till my eyeballs pop out .
  3. Hey! Good to see you decided to join CA. It's a really helpful community here, I'm sure you'll like it.
    Yeah I had troubles getting to know this site at first too. I spend most of my time in the Forums, in the Sketchbook and Community Challenges sections. You can start your own sketchbook thread, get feedback from others, join in weekly design challenges, etc. If if you have specific questions feel free to PM me. :>
  4. Hi Dana how you doing. I don't know if you remember me but I did a colour piece of your lineart called twice as fast last year, you might know me from deviantart known as demonmustdie? well I've just started joining and I'm so lost on how to use the site cos I don't know how to use this site lol.
    If you can you can help me on how to use the site if you have the time?
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