Conversation Between Cortes and Mechanical Man
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Conversation Between Cortes and Mechanical Man

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  1. Currently, I try and work on my general model a bit everyday, do a little research, and do a few quick head drawings from photos to remind me what I'm aiming for. I also try to take at least one class per semester so that I'm drawing form life once a week. This has changed a lot over time though and will continue to change as my goals change. What are your goals?

    If you're around Hollywood, Karl Gnass's Class's at the Animation Guild in Burbank have probably been the most helpful to me out of anything over the years.

    The Orthographic Projection studies have been the most helpful exercise I've done at home as far as understanding form. It gets me to really look at every side of the thing. This is what I am using to get my general model consistent. It ignores perspective distortions though.
  2. Ugh, I tried sending you a message an hour ago, but the forum is weird and I'm not sure if it actually sent or not, so this is a truncated version of that private message.

    What kinds of exercises do you do every day? I think I am going in circles with my current approach and would like any recommendation. I finished a class at Gnomon in Hollywood that covered elementary perspective and I think I learned a lot. Your studies seem to be in that vein.

    Are there any sites or books you used that give you specific exercises for better understanding form?

    Any suggestions are extremely helpful.
  3. Thank you for the link to Chris Legaspi. He's got a great site. A lot of useful information. I found this thrust thing really helpful, also his use of the term "shape design" I've been enjoying watching the webinars. Saw your drawing up there. Very nice.
  4. Thanks, I'm really interested in this problem of how the brain works in these things. For me it is not a worry, I think it's really neat and helpful. I think understanding what's going on makes drawing a lot easier and more fun. Before I was introduced to the ideas of constructive drawing I was painstakingly copying what I saw. I got great results but it was boring as hell and it was not helping me learn to draw from my imagination at all.

    I agree that struggling with construction can impeded the ability to be expressive, but I also think that a lack of understanding of structure severely limits the amount that can be expressed.

    I think "just drawing" in necessary but insufficient. Our perceptions do neat things that I think are worth exploring. So much of what we "see" is not what is actually there.
  5. Hey there. Are you familiar with Chris Legaspi's site? He does a webinar every week and they're covering head drawing. You should email and ask to be part of the dropbox. is the facebook group.

    The webinar is tonight at 6pm PST. I just heard about it so I joined and did a drawing to try and catch up.

    Lol, this sounds like a spambot doesn't it? But since you are really into construction principles I think you should know about this.
  6. No problem dude. I really like your drawings in that post, I'm gonna study it.

    Since I've started regularly (at least 5 hours a day) practicing, I've noticed that in some ways my old drawings from 2009/10 are actually better than what I have now in some ways. Those drawings weren't done with any structural approach, ironically. But on the other hand, my life drawings from my figure drawing class are indeed far better than those drawings (need to scan them sometime), and I think my structural approach helped that.

    The faces I drew back then are better in some ways than the crap I have going now in my sketchbook thread, but that's just because I need to catch up in practice.

    Weird how the brain works. In the end all the people here are right when they say 'just draw'; we should stop worrying about how our brain tries to figure out and just let ourselves improve subconsciously; the muscle memory will adapt.
  7. Hi Cortes, I want to say thank you for inspiring me to start posting on CA. I'd been hanging around, have gotten a lot of useful information, and had been thinking about starting a sketchbook for a while. Your post on the Loomis thread about wanting structure is what got me to finally do it. I am with you. I WANT structure and I think that's a reasonable thing to want. CA seems to be great place to find inspiration and collaboration on that idea =) Via p_sage I found this to be an incredibly helpful perspective The Basics: What they mean Thanks again.
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