Conversation Between GoGoJojo and Mah ' Crub
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Conversation Between GoGoJojo and Mah ' Crub

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  1. Hello, I am sorry that I did not see your message from so long ago, july I think....I am fine...How are you? You disappeared from the forum...are you still in school? I hope all is well with is a really tough time , I know it's tough, but it is well worth it.
    Please be well and content.
  2. MR. CRUB!!!!!! How are you?
  3. Hi, thanks for the birthday message! IT was a big one. You ready to go back to school?

    Mah ' Crub
  4. Gasp!!!!! I'm sorry I missed your birthday, I was on a trip with my family! Um, Happy belated birthday!
  5. Hey, You finally got yourself an internet face!
  6. Mah ' is your current project going?
  7. My welding studio time has been held up because the teacher's sick, so I can't get in. Gaah, I want to use the torch so badly!!!! I'll be making more things as soon as I can.
  8. You are quiet as of late, wasup?
  9. Only story behind mine is that I name everything either Steven or Jojo, and it sounds kinda like gojo. I love that stuff, especially after working with oil based printing ink. Makes hands clean!
  10. Hey Mah ' Crub, what's the story behind your name? It always makes me think of a caveman saying "My club."
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