Conversation Between Waipunga and Ikage
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Conversation Between Waipunga and Ikage

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  1. Hope your doing well and that the New Year treats you right!
  2. Cool! Who for? And I hope they pay you shitloads as you are worth it! So you like the Pacifica sword huh! Thanks for that Dude............ would love to see one in your hands one day
  3. Oh yes I just recently became a concept artist for a place in dallas, been busy-busy! I hope your doing well yourself!
  4. Hey Blade, you doing OK? Cheers S
  5. Oh hey I never got your note, why not try my email direct? And ahhh I did not much on my birthday besides kick back and drew online with a few buddies. Good to see you still kicking around. And your smithing is AMAZING, I love your work!
  6. Happy Birthday Mister. Have an excellent day. S
  7. Hey A, So what plans for your BD? Started the design work on the furniture of my own sword today. Going to go for Dieselpunk with bronze,silver,gold, niobium with the base made from titanium. Will throw in a few cabochons for good measure as well. Cheers S
  8. Hey Mate,
    Yeah, you have to write sometimes to 'see' what things are about. Dropped you a note off forum about it. The net probably ate it!
    Halfway through the second book of three. Interested? It's funny, sexy, and a little bit dark SF from a human who loves engineering and is a bit of a foodie as well! I laughed in one of your notes on your images where you were commenting that images of "barrel chested men" were hard to find. Hey I'm a swordsmith I beat the shit out of steel all day............ :-)
    Right enough crap from me, I have a bunch of knives to courier out tomorrow am so I had better grab my large mug of tea (with lemon, honey and a shot of whiskey in it as it is cold and raining outside) and bugger off.

    C ya

  9. Hahaha thanks! There's alot I could go back and fix but I got so much work to do now. And Oh you write!?
    That is so awesome! Right now I am reading a bunch of books to help my writing skills so I can become a stronger concept artist. I honestly think good writing and conceptual/illustration work goes hand in hand. Your just drawing a visual stage for your story and actors. My grammar skills could still use work, but I do really enjoy a good tale be it words or pictures.
  10. BTW, meant to tell you : "Happy Birthday Harvey James" just absolutely rocks! It is one of the many things that cuts you apart from the rest: the expressions you get. Envious I is! With that in mind I had better knuckle down and get my hour of writing in. Cheers S
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