Conversation Between hala and frozenbean
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Conversation Between hala and frozenbean

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  1. I am up in Canada. The studio I worked with laid a bunch of people off since some of our projects got cancelled. Not too bad for me, since I decided to go back to school in the fall, but not so nice for the rest of my department!
  2. Where u live man? Times are so hard in this economy x.x
  3. I know the feeling. I'm scrambling trying to find a bit of work, but there aren't a lot of people hiring around here.
  4. NJ has a hot hair balloon festival every yr, so im working there today and tomorrow xD
    wish I could keep the cash but it's gotta pay my rent D:!
  5. Ah, temp job. Where are you working? It'll be nice to have some cash in your pocket!
  6. hey hey not much up, got a temp job this weekend D:
    how are ya?
  7. Hey Hala! How's it going?
  8. hi frozenbean!
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