Conversation Between spaztastic and GoGoJojo
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Conversation Between spaztastic and GoGoJojo

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  1. Hey skype is totally free, I only use free or really cheap programs any ways it's the Scottish in me.
  2. No, I don't have skype, do you have to pay to use it? I'm still pretty knew to this conversing over the internet thing, just started in December
  3. I would love to practice, do you have Skype? I am so out of practice it's sad I used to be good at one point.... now I am a bucket of rusty nails dripping in slime.... yeah that's about right... though that's more my intelligence level lately
  4. Aw, you're always cool! It would be cool to practice together, I'm trying to do a double major of art and Japanese. I've been teaching Granny a few phrases too! My mom's a lost cause though, she can't say anything right, it's really funny...
  5. Oh also does it make me cooler since I do know some Japanese and plan on picking it up again?
  6. well sumimasen I didn't realize you liked Japanese... you wanna practice with me, I'm uber rusty?
  7. When were you planning on telling me you knew Japanese?!!?!?!?!
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