Conversation Between AeonPhoenix and ThomasM
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Conversation Between AeonPhoenix and ThomasM

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  1. Hey I haven't seen this message before now, sorry for not replying earlier!

    No problem at all, that is what these forums are for, for everyone to chip in and help each other out (and hopefully all improve together).

    I'll keep watching it, in fact I'll just head over and check it out now!
  2. I really appreciate your input. Been struggling with learning to draw better. Part of it is I'm so tempted to draw fantasy stuff ya know. But you can't do that without the basics. Everyone tells me that I can draw better than your average joe. I don't know too many artists IRL, it's not like I talk to them about this stuff. I hope you'll continue to watch my SB and give me as much advice as you can. And I'll help you out as well.
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