Conversation Between Leonor and Sekino
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Conversation Between Leonor and Sekino

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  1. What can I say; your comment about how you don't think you can go back to feeling the same joy with a pencil as you did as a child struck a note. So I had to respond It's awesome that you practice the 'classical' and technical craft so much. But don't forget that art is also a 'selfish', sensuous, experimental activity: It's art, like cooking. You have the right to explore styles and subjects that are important (or just plain fun) to you as well. Don't be afraid to be playful or to make 'mistakes': That's what kids do and that's why they have a good time. Don't get too discouraged: We've all been there
  2. Hi! Thanks for the kind words and for dropping by. I loved your sketchbook.
    What I find very hard is to not compare my work with the work of others and to not feel bad about it. I wanted my characters to be original, to be able to create something new. As much as I like them, they are a bit embarrassing. When I was twelve I had already created over a hundred characters but it seems since I'm seventeen I lost my creativity.
  3. Hey there! I think your sketchbook and art look great! You are very dedicated and diligent. Just make sure you have a good time with what you draw and draw to please yourself first, not others Cheers! Celeste
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