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  1. Workshop Testimonials...what did you get out of the event?
  2. Where should we hold the next ConceptArt.Org Workshop? What city?
  3. God save the Queen! The ConceptArt.Org Workshop is coming to the UK- Instructor List
  4. Registration Discounts are live--plus fresh details on CA.O London Workshop!
  5. ConceptArt.Org Interview with Raph Lacoste - Ubisoft Art Director: Assassins Creed.
  6. About the ConceptArt.Org Workshop.
  7. ConceptArt.Org Workshop Interview # 2 with James Kei
  8. For the London Locals...For those of us who are coming to the UKfor the 1st time...
  9. Coming to the London Workshop? Post up here!
  10. The UK Workshop. Post a portfolio piece thread! - I posted a couple too :)
  11. The UK Workshop: The Travel Deals Thread...post em if you got'em
  12. The UK Workshop: Supplies list! The "what do we bring?" thread.
  13. The UK Workshop: What Do You Look Like?
  14. ConceptArt.Org Workshop Interview # 3 with Marc Holmes
  15. The ConceptArt.Org Workshop Venue - Check it out! :)
  16. Many thanks to Corel for sponsoring ConceptArt.Org. Workshop goodies to come!
  17. Travelling round London
  18. Hotels & Hostels
  19. WS Interview 5: Carlos Huante, concept visionary on Prometheus/former ILM Art Dir.
  20. Workshop Instructor: Anusha Su - Development Director, Venture Partner, Strategist
  21. New Workshop Instructor: David Brebner - CEO Fingertapps
  22. New Workshop Instructor: Atey Ghailan- Concept Artist and Designer
  23. New Workshop Instructor: Levi Peterffy- Matte Painter and Concept Artist- MPC
  24. New Workshop Instructor: Virginie Bourdin- Art Department Head- MPC
  25. The workshop site is up and live at workshop.conceptart.org
  26. New Workshop Instructor: Andrey Riabovitchev - Visual Effects Concept Artist
  27. London WS Review