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  1. vivendi/universal is looking for a concept artist APPLY NOW
  2. Concept Artist - Micro Forte, Sydney Australia
  3. Concept Artist Needed... pro bono
  4. Dark Age needs colorist ASAP
  5. Looking for Artists for RPG Book Illustrations
  6. Volition hiring
  7. List of Northern California Game Companies
  8. Presto Closes
  9. Volition hiring for good concept artists
  10. LucasArts hiring modeller/texture artist
  11. Parasytic Moon, Recruiting Concept Artists
  12. blur studio needs you!
  13. Now hiring a Print/Web Designer
  14. Looking for 3d modeler
  15. Impressions is looking to hire a top notch Concept Artist/Digital Painter
  16. Wanted: 2d/3d Outlaw
  17. Game Studio hiring in Southern California
  18. Marvel
  19. Go Blind!
  20. ion storm hiring
  21. ILM hiring
  22. I need some Character concept Sketches done..
  23. Job offering.
  24. Small Concept Job
  25. Well rounded concept artist needed (Ritual Entertainment)
  26. Troika Games NOW HIRING CHARACTER TEXTURE ARTIST!! Illustrators send your stuff!!
  27. Looking for partner in crime
  28. concept art needed for horror mod
  29. Seeking people who can draw
  30. Looking for Concept Artist for Sci-fi Movie Script(revised)
  31. Animated Series / Project - Character Designers needed
  32. Storyboard Artist Wanted!
  33. Attn Art Directors and Lead Artists in the games industry!!
  34. ReelFX Creative Studios is ramping up
  35. Searching for skinner an 2d Artists
  36. LucasArts hiring.
  37. sci-fi concept artists wanted for contracting
  38. Rockstar Games Toronto ( Concept Artist )
  39. FACTOR 5 looking for Fulltime Texture artist
  40. SENIOR CONCEPT ARTIST ( Sammy Studios )
  41. TU needs concept help
  42. Enlight Software Seeks Artists
  43. ARUSH Entertainment
  44. Character design req'd for adverts
  45. Bioware and Codebaby hiring.
  46. Wanted: matte painters
  47. If anyone needs something to fill their time there are always mods.
  48. .
  49. Concept Artsists Wanted
  50. Storyboard Artist needed for Quick Job
  51. commission offer
  52. Cinemaware Seeking Freelance Concept Artist
  53. Concept Artists Needed
  54. ODM needs freelance illustrators!
  55. Lodestone Games looking for 2d/3d artists
  56. Outalw Studios is looking for a full time concept artist
  57. I.C.E. Anthology wants you!!
  58. Mythic Entertainment Hiring 2d/3d Artists
  59. Avaria Corp - Looking for the best!!
  60. Game Mod maker looking for concept art. No money. oops!
  61. Support our Troop's I.C.E
  62. Human Head Studios are currently seeking a Concept Artist / Illustrator
  63. Puddnhead is Hiring for MTV job ASAP-Japanese Anime Style- Los Angeles ONLY!
  64. Networking
  65. Pin-up Artists
  66. Indie game seeking texture artist
  67. portrait artist wanted (concept mockup inside)
  68. Redline Pin-up Contest
  69. Get your character published! ICE Contest!
  70. Looking for RPG Fantasy Artists
  71. Spark Unlimited looking for full-time Senior Modeler/Texture Artist!!
  72. Wacky World Studios Now Hiring
  73. Concept Artist Needed For *MOD*
  74. Strong Conceptual Artists for Feature Film projects
  75. Ritual is at it again! (concept artist)
  76. Colorists needed for ICE Press
  77. Concept artist need for Game Development
  78. CCG company looking for freelance fantasy artists
  79. Fragile Night - Penciler
  80. Voltage Dreams searching 3D-Designers
  81. Need 13 Illustrators/Digital Painters/Inkers/Story Artists
  82. Concept Artist Need *Fulfilled*
  83. Concept artist needed
  84. Interface Artist
  85. SOE Planetside looking for concept artist
  86. Radical is hiring
  87. Realm Interactive seeking texture artists
  88. Concept Artist needed for SF game
  89. 2 concept art jobs
  90. Concept Artist needed
  91. concept artist(s) needed for fantasy project - (freelance paid position)
  92. Graphic Design work...
  93. Artist needed for paying graphic novel project
  94. Concept Artist - Big Huge Games- Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  95. 2d/3d Concept artist
  96. 2d character artist
  97. Concept Artist wanted for Comic Book Project
  98. 'Manga' style human/animal character illustrator req'd URGENT!
  99. need a lead artist ASAP!
  100. Concept Freelancers Please Respond.
  101. iii
  102. Art Director/Lead Graphic Artist
  103. Now hiring character artists
  104. (CLOSED)Sony: In search of a comic book artist...
  105. Concept Art/Production Design Instructor Wanted
  106. JUST ADD MONSTERS (UK) needs you.
  107. Looking for Texture artist and Animator
  108. Need talented writer for comic book project!
  109. EA/Maxis hiring.
  110. looking for game conceptors in begium
  111. Aware Entertainment is Hiring
  112. Chromium Comics looking for pin-up artists! Will pay!
  113. Character Artist Need
  114. Two Art Jobs
  115. NYC game art opportunity
  116. Texture Artist
  117. Small job, checking interest...
  118. Seeking Character Designers, Artists for new comic book
  119. Cover Contest
  120. Web designer and 2D GUI artist needed.
  121. graphic designer needed for record label
  122. SONY San Diego is at it again!
  123. Art Director
  124. Creative Assembly Australia Hiring
  125. Day:1:Studios now hiring.
  126. HL2 mod ca artists needed
  127. East Coast Game/Movie companies
  128. Game development company seeks talented 2D figure illustrator.
  129. Game development company seeks talented environment artists.
  130. Looking for Sequential artists!
  131. Movie Quality Texture Painter
  132. Lucasarts Needs Interface Designers
  133. It's ATOMIC!!!
  134. Calling all cartoonists~~~~
  135. 2d artist wanted for Trading Card Game
  136. Want a job at Sierra?
  137. Once in a lifetime opportunity!
  138. Animation Farm Hiring Freelance Concept Artists
  139. DigitalWorld FX: New Logo Contest
  140. Three Custom Images for Webpage Wanted
  141. Looking for Sparth
  142. 3D Junior Artist Position
  143. Big Huge Games hiring 3D Artist
  144. Character Artist Needed
  145. Concept Artists Needed For Team
  146. 3-5 Illustrations Needed (to start)
  147. Artist Wanted for Portrait asap
  148. WANTED:: Concept artist for 3D driving game
  149. Jobs at Turbine Entertainment
  150. Enviroment concept artists needed. CLOSED
  151. Parable Studios Looking for Artists/Modellers !
  152. Artists Looking for Work: READ THIS FIRST (Updated 09-24-2006 with ban policy)
  153. EXPERIENCED animators/ modellers/ texturers for collaboration
  154. 3D character animator needed for international major feature film.
  155. A few Post Blizzard Startups and such.
  156. Wanted: Concept Artist Paid Work
  157. Any Vehicle & Gear Designers Available?
  158. Retro needs world modelers
  159. Ncsoft
  160. Splash Damage Recruiting Artists!
  161. Job in southern germany/ leisure parks animatronics
  162. Gas Powered Games is hiring
  163. Saint Studios - Texture Artist Wanted
  164. Artist positions in New England!
  165. Looking for Colors
  166. Blizzard
  167. Edited, research finished.
  168. Possible freelance work
  169. looking for concept artist for MMORPG
  170. Trinity Crisis Project
  171. Neoshock R: Environmental Concept Artist, Lineup Artist
  172. Colorist Needed
  173. Horror / pulp / noir 2d artists needed
  174. ILM Matte Painter
  175. GUARANTIED PUBLICATION: colorist needed
  176. Looking for Artists for Graphic Novel
  177. Website logo and layout
  178. Thinking Man Studios - 2D Concept Artist - Environments & Props
  179. AttN: non paying jobs go in the non paying jobs section please. thank you.
  180. Seeking Artists
  181. IGD News
  182. Santa Monica Game Studio Looking for Employees
  183. MMORPG In Concept Phase - MPGH.net Recruiting - All Help Appreciated
  184. comic artist needed for project
  185. Logo design
  186. Contract Artist Needed
  187. New Video Game Studio Hiring Concept Artists
  188. [CLOSED] Job filled~Comic book penciler
  189. Seeking video game concept artists
  190. Big Huge Games seeks real-time Cinematics Artist
  191. Big Huge Games seeks 3D Game Artist
  192. Lingerie
  193. Looking for concept artists for video game.
  194. Miniatures concept art
  195. Graphics Artist Wanted
  196. Mammoth Games looking for Concept Artist
  197. Half Life 2 Mod Needs Help (Unfunded project)
  198. Sci Fi Feature Film looking for artists
  199. New Job Openings!
  200. Roxor Games looking for contract artists
  201. Deadlight Studios Needs A Colorist ASAP!!
  202. The Official ConceptArt.Org North American Workshop!! JUNE 18-21 AUSTIN TX!
  203. Concept Artist needed for Machinima project
  204. Concept Artists
  205. MMORPG Team Recruiting!
  206. Color 2d Artists Needed
  207. Raven Software is looking for artists
  208. Avalanche Game Productions
  209. Seeking conceptual artists, designers, model makers, and sculptors
  210. Lead Concept Artist needed for videogame publisher
  211. Need background artists and animators for animation ASAP
  212. boulot sur paris
  213. Massive Black is accepting portfolios for Tech CONCEPT ARTISTS (guns, vehicles etc..)
  214. *Industrial Design jobs and internships*
  215. MONTREAL CANADA, 3d animation and fx studio needs pro artists now!
  216. Commission
  217. Want to make a few extra EASY bucks?
  218. Storyboard and Comp artists needed!
  219. Artist Rep looking for artists to recruit
  220. Professional team looking for new members
  221. Seeking Anime-style artists
  222. Seeking Mecha Designer
  223. Colorist needed for a European comic book
  224. Background Artist Req,
  225. Artists needed for a european comic book project
  226. Exchange Of Services
  227. Animators Wanted - Flash (Animation Story)
  228. concept artist
  229. Amateur Art Foundations
  230. New Business
  231. Cover Artist. Paying Job
  232. New Emerging Company Requests Artists
  233. Emergency B&W work
  234. Artists for Doom 3 engine game
  235. Medieval/Fantasy Concept Artist Needed
  236. Exceptional Concept Artist needed for Video Game Developer
  237. Childrens Lamp Designs
  238. Atmatek is looking for texture artist
  239. Hiring for a SFX position
  240. Well-established videogame company looking for fulltime Environment/ID Concept Artist
  241. Seeking Visual FX and Look Development Supervisors for Art Director role at Midway Ga
  242. Looking to hire animators for project
  243. Logo design contest, $250 in cash for winner.
  244. Warhealer needs your help!
  245. art/fashion magazine
  246. Motion Picture Matte Painter
  247. punk metal band looking for album/tshirt/website art
  248. Concept/ Development Artists Needed Full time/ PAID
  249. Comic book style portrait
  250. Storyboard and Character Artist for Short Film