Kaiverta's Album: Sketches
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This album is dedicated to my sketches, both finished and unfinished.
  1. My OC - Krice Verta.
  2. My OC - Sescience Kurtley.
  3. A friend's OC - Sinann.
  4. RPG characters - Rikiele and Marley. The Mercenary And The Courtesan.
  5. RPG characters - Haeli and Krice. The Warrior And The Angel.
  6. Inuyasha's brother, Sesshoumaru, drawn in my own style.
  7. Inuyasha and Kagome embracing each other, drawn in my own style.
  8. Picture 3 of the Kingdom Hearts commission. The 'heroic' boy is slicing through a Heartless-type shadow to protect the 'quiet' boy.
  9. Picture 2 of the Kingdom Hearts commission. The 'quiet' boy is surrounded by Hertless-type shadows that want to steal his heart.
  10. This is another sketch of two characters based from a roleplay. My character is Rikielle, while Avie, the girl, belongs to a friend.
  11. Another chibi sketch based off of a roleplay. My character is Sokolav, and the girl belongs to a friend.
  12. This was drawn years ago, roughly six or seven years ago. The bodies are okay but the faces are wrong; pointy eyes and noses and ew. lol.
  13. Part of the Kingdom Hearts commission. The hero and the quiet boy, two different versions of one boy, walk into the starlit sky, side by side.
  14. Another random chibi sketch of Krice, the main character of my manga, The Warehouse.
  15. This is a pretty random chibi sketch of my two characters, Krice and Sokolav, fighting each other while the women in their lives cheer them on,...
  16. This is a chibi picture I drew of my character, Rikielle (right), and a friend's character, Rex (left), drinking and singing. It's based off of a...
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