ggsoulsister's Album: Captain Eo Lives
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Captain Eo Lives

Different new characters to Captain Eos group. He also has new enemies/
  1. mr  policeman casual from the bowling alley sketchgroup by ggsoulsister
  2. another plutoland sea dragon Plutoland fish's cousin by ggsoulsister
  3. 1 dollar Tree Memory Sketch
  4. Cheela posebook 1a clean techniques
  5. look ma no staff   new outfit middrift  Ic Blue the Evil Ice Witch
  6. Darla the Jellyfish Girl Orange she turns blue too!
  7. Life drawing matt from the bowling alley  sketchgroup by ggsoulsister d300vmo
  8. Memory sketch of a  noon duty number 2 by ggsoulsister
  9. Cyrenes back banner 3a
  10. Virgil just him  (Whispers, hes the gadget man who falls in love with a robot name Robotina!
  11. Captain EO male marathon color
  12. he man submission almost done 2 by ggsoulsister the evil snake witch
  13. Tera the Humingbird Scorpian Goddess who protects Helpless Children
  14. shapes i  ve used for my people Part 3
  15. boogers  bunny bot oops by ggsoulsister This robot doesn't look like this. So I accidently added new changes that wasn't there (the heels, tail and...
  16. Dean Yeagle Style Navy Nurse commission for my doctor
  17. getting my hair done by ggsoulsister getting my hair braided purple for my parents revow wedding anniversary
  18. goddess sketchbook cover finish of Booshi Neeko Dragon Goddess
  19. Captain EO's Gang and Enemys step 2
  20. ahhhhh again by ggsoulsister  a Memory sketch of my 2 year old cousin whom I might not see again?  Who knows.
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