FunkeyDunkey's Album: One draw a day!
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One draw a day!

Im trying to discipline myself with drawing at least once a day and post it in my album. I would be greatfull to have advice en critics :)
  1. I have a hard time doing water. Plz give some advice on how should i draw water! Tx
  2. Angry skull desing
  3. Space ship inspired by wharammer 40k universe. 
Took a while to do. 
Pen, chalk and ink. I should have amplified the lights contrast.
  4. Expression of movement with a model in 30 seconds
  5. crazy world
  6. an old ODST
  7. IronScreamerCA 
I like the big difference of lights on this one but theres something wrong with his mouth and his nose... :S
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