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  1. Tree which was supposed to be a basic element of a treehouse concept... I failed for some reasom |D
  2. Treehouses. 
Pieces of bark are put and hold together by twiners and vines. Gotta deepen this a little!
  3. Angler 
A fisherman who engaged on a a little flying cockleshell, owned by Captain Coddling. 
People just call him Fisher. 
His fishing line measures...
  4. Flying fish 
Cargo fish 
There´re many diffrent kinds of cargo fish. 
People use them to transport large cargo all over the sky, like trucks.
  5. Flying fish 
Some of the flying fish are little enough to be domesticated.Merchants use these fish as some sort of a hawker´s tray. Selling items...
  6. Flying fish 
Basic riding fish. 
Cheap, friendly, tough. 
Normal people use it as padder or simply to get from one place to another.
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