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Hey look, it's an Album.

Erm. I'm still trying to figure this site out, so ah...yeah. ^^; So here's some art. Sort of.
  1. An unfinished still-life: first time attempting to draw a skull! Also, I LOVE shading shiny things. :3 All done in mechanical pencil, as usual.
  2. Somewhat old dragon, can't remember the date. Before the bear, anyways. Highschool or earlier. Possibly 2004 ish. 
Mechanical pencil.^^
  3. Fala, the temporary pet butterfly. Took a photo, then used it as a reference for this watercolor. :)
  4. Started out as a continuous contour drawing of my feet, drawn with a black sharpie. Then I colored it with chalk. My pants and shoes were monochrome...
  5. Late 2008 - done with a mechanical pencil. :p
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