Burchland2's Album: Light League
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Light League

In America in the late thirty-first century, there is a war between art and the terror of grayness. Fortunately, with the assistance from Art Smith, President Phil Rolfe of the Harvard University of Georgia, and his entrepreneur wife, Helen, the co-president of the Smith-Rolfe Company, itís up to the greatest teenage genius that ever lived, Isaac Onuwitz, and his friends, known as the Worldwide Light League Organization, otherwise known as the English Sun League Society to save the day from the revengeful anti-team, the Graydom of Terror, soon to become the Blackdom of Armageddon, led by Gregory Grayson, and a Dark Academy led by Luciferís first son, Heckarano.
  1. Heckarano
  2. The Original Psycho Girls
  3. Colorful Trio
  4. Art Smith
  5. Gregory Grayson
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