Waipunga's Album: Blades
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All my own designs, using either WNR4112 or 12C27 steel all heat-treated by me and then ground and polished. Fittings and handles generally use wood, deer antler, precious stones, brass, bronze, silver, titanium and gold. All the work is done by me in my own workshop.
  1. SwordYellow
  2. WalkingStick
  3. WalkingStick1
  4. SwordPurple2
  5. SwordWulf
  6. SwordWulf1
  7. SwordPrincess1
  8. SwordPrincess2
  9. SwordPurple
  10. SwordFace1
  11. SwordOrange
  12. SwordPrincess
  13. SwordDragon
  14. SwordDragon1
  15. SwordDragon2
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