edsefile's Album: Engkanto
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  1. “The Keeper” 
The Nuno (dwarf) that keeps the Enchanted Rooster. The Rooster was once a handsome Prince who was turned into a fowl by a wicked witch....
  2. “Yesha”
  3. “Tree of life”
  4. “Dew Fairy” 
A Dew Fairy collects dew each dawn. Dwarfs called Duwendes assist her. These dews once processed by these enchanted beings becomes a...
  5. “Nuno” 
Nuno means the little old dwarf in the rice fields, seen mostly sitting on an anthill at mid noons. His favourite meal is a rice mice. He...
  6. “Zuhary” 
A creature belonging to a Tikbalang origin, a mythical being with half man half horse appearance. They often ambush unwary travelers and...
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