Megan Celeste's Album: Furry Stuff
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Furry Stuff

as seen on my FA
  1. Mock up of a friend's fursona page
  2. senior pic photomorphed
  3. lulu trade, as it appears in my sketchbook
  4. smileytrade finished out and photoshopped to a bg
  5. newest - just lines for now
  6. bassoon wolf colored in colored pencil
  7. quick sketch in ink, background is my sketchbook cover
  8. first page of my graphit novel.  ballpoint
  9. messin around in photoshop
  10. luluTrade, unfinished
  11. marksBASSOONwolf - lines
  12. photomorph with watermarking because it hasn't been paid for yet
  13. my fursona - sketch
  14. first ever photomorph
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