Megan Celeste's Album: Truely Epic stuff
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Truely Epic stuff

my best work to date
  1. hugh jackman - first drawing in new sketchbook - graphite on recycled paper
  2. the lady in red - watercolor original
  3. twiggy in charcoal
  4. cillian in charcoal
  5. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast.  
original in watercolor, stands as tall as me
  6. nicole riche in graphite with charcoal accents. 8th grade
  7. first ever oil. killed so many good brushes
  8. gerard way in ink, graohite, and colored pencil. 8th grade
  9. multimedia
  10. my mother in chalk pastel
  11. carpe diem - colored pencil - 8th grade
  12. i dont like this one, but its in acryllic. poster contest, cant remember where i got the inspiration
  13. adam from australia, in chalk pastel
  14. different adam in oil pastel
  15. atticus in oil pastel on black matte board
  16. ebony pencil, drawn as a gift
  17. acryllic painting on my nylon wallet
  18. Scratch art 
took forever
  19. watercolor
  20. inspired by the art of Full Metal Alchemist, this is a recreation in watercolor
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