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Having a look around the UserCP, looking for the "Create portfolio" section, swear it's around here somewere
  1. My Entry for the "Good Vs Evil" competition on deviant art. The good man is slowly being consumed by the evil, none feeling machine
  2. Another entry for the "Newborn" contest here on Conceptart. Was trying to dipict how we imagine more interesting versions of ourselfs
  3. Was trying to express a loss of inoccence in this piece
  4. Part of an art Competition to create a new folk for the PS3 game "Folklore"
  5. WIP - a piece depicting a girl being slowly transformed in to an aline
  6. flight
  7. Owl small
  8. schoolgirl poster
  9. a 3D model of an octpus using photoshop for additional details
  10. HRGiger inspired piece
  11. One of my entries for the "Newborn" contest. A man-made-mermaid - 2 scientists congratulate themselves in the background whilst basing in the glow of...
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