darcena's Album: Dragons
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pretty much the only thing i draw to be honest :)

but i warn you i'm a newbie to conceptart.org

but i promise not to get hissy over critiques :)
  1. eyes of the beholder by draconicdarcena
  2. Flying Overhead by draconicdarcena
  3. lazy dragon digicolour by draconicdarcena
  4. i've always loved this even if i can't figure out how to fix those arms and the fact it has no wings does not bother me for once :) as you can see...
  5. darcena's eye this is supossed to be the eye of Darcena when she is in a mainly human anthro form... i used my own eye as  a reference
  6. Darcena again this time trying to protect her self from side attacks. i quite like this but i'm sure it can easily be improved :)
  7. the orginal image before i redid it digitally :) as you can see i coul not find the rioight colour for the wind membranes hence its blank
  8. Darcena in digital . i've cropped out most the wing membrane as it was full of fail :D i just need help all around with her...
  9. unnamed dragon ; i need to find a way to make it  a wyvern instead of that stupid stump of a forearm . this is about a year or 2 old mindyou...
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